Clelia Di Tacchio

Quantitative research consultant to qualitative and advertising agencies

Marketing consultant to young businesses


I provide project management, expertise and support to your team, from questionnaire design to delivery of findings, and all of that at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time employee.

I work with you on tailored strategies to help you achieve your objectives.

My work is based on hard data, not personal experience or fancy catch phrases.

Every action I propose is rooted in research so that it makes sense for your business.


Get in touch for an initial free of charge consultation to discuss your needs and how I can help you achieve your objectives.


Clelia is extremely thoughtful in her consulting and really takes the time to get a project right. I hired her for a research project to help me get a very tricky and new business off the ground and she did a tremendous amount of careful and thoughtful research that was very helpful for me directionally. She also followed up several times and sent several helpful thoughts and suggestions, really caring about the success of her customers.
— Marina Miller - PeuroBaby CEO
Clelia has been immensely flexible with her approach for market research insights at Medikidz. I would recommend for any small business/start-up looking to elicit meaningful insights from clients and beyond.
— MediKidz CFO